Victim Injured in Boat Accident Sues

-June 27, 2008

A lawsuit was recently filed after a woman was severely injured at the Madison Regatta two years ago.

The suit names the Regatta and the American Boat Racing Association as defendants.

Woman Suffers Injuries

Jennifer Willette, a Michigan resident, was 18 at the time of the accident.

Willette was one of eight spectators watching the boats when Michael Bowen suddenly drove his parents Monte Carlo through the crowd.

Bowen was sentenced to four years in prison for causing serious injuries and operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance.

After the accident, Willette was hospitalized for 10 months and had her left arm and leg amputated.

Lawsuit Details

The suit claims the Regatta was negligent in failing to provide a safe space for spectators to watch.

“The Regatta and ABRA failed to design a traffic safety pattern that would prevent any vehicular traffic from access to Vaughn Drive with its intersection with Jefferson Street and the boat ramp,” explains the suit.

Court papers also detail Willette’s injures, which include:

• Pelvic fractures
• Burst fracture of the thoracic vertebrae
• Severe injury to the large bone at the base of the spine

(Source: Madison Courier)

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