Suit Filed Over Teen’s Head Injury

August 15, 2008

A year after a teenage boy was hit by a train and suffered from a severe head injury a lawsuit has been filed over the incident.

The suit has been filed by the victim’s grandmother and caretaker in Washington State.

Suit Against Railway

Julie Cruz is named as the primary plaintiff in the suit she filed on behalf of her grandson, Stephen Smith, 15.

Stephen was hit by a train while crossing the tracks at a pedestrian crosswalk, which many believe is unsafe due to a lack of barriers.

The suit names Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Co., as the defendants and also blames the train’s conductor and engineer for not slowing the train in time to prevent the accident.

Boy Suffers from Accident

Stephen reportedly has no memory of the accident and is slowly regaining his sense of balance and coordination.

However, he now has permanent brain damage, a fractured liver, a loss of hearing, and is still relearning how to walk.

“We hope to make sure that railroad crossings are safer in the future,” says Blaine Tamaki, the attorney for Cruz.

(Source: Yakima Herald Republic)

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