Defective Tires, Tire Blowout, Tire Failure

The typical driver in the United States will log tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of miles, on the road in his or her lifetime. Although many drivers are conscientious about changing their tires when the treads are worn, and although some drivers are aware of the various tire recalls that have been issued, the true extent of the defective tire problem in the U.S. is not well known.

Thousands of Models
There are more than 2,000 different lines of tires for sale and use on passenger vehicles in the U.S., and it's a challenge for the average consumer to know which tires to choose people place a lot of trust in names such as Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, etc. Unfortunately, even the "big name" tire makers have had to recall tires due to flaws in their tires' design or manufacture.

The Bridgestone and Firestone tire recall in the early 2000s was an attempt to retrieve 15 million potentially defective tires from the market. Some six million of these tires have not been retrieved; they're still in use, on cars, trucks and SUVs that traverse our roads every day. Defective tires present real dangers to vehicle passengers.

Injuries and Fatalities
Defective tires from both domestic and foreign manufacturers have caused collisions, injuries and deaths that would otherwise not have occurred. The defects take a number of forms, including:

Tread separation
Tire failure
Tire blowout
Tire or rim explosion

Tread separations are due to defective manufacturing processes. When a vehicle is moving at highway speeds and the treads on one of its tires separates from the rim, a loss of control over the vehicle is all too possible. A tire tread separation in a moving SUV is a particular risk, often causing the SUV to roll over with disastrous results.

Tires that blow out when a vehicle is moving can also cause a deadly loss of control, and tires that have been filled with a sealant to fix a leak have later exploded as the tire was being changed, maiming, blinding, or killing someone nearby.

Learn More about Tire Failures
If you've been injured in a vehicle accident and you suspect that a defective tire played a part, talk to an attorney who deals with defective automotive products today.

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