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More than 25,000 individuals are killed or seriously injured in vehicle roof crush incidents every year across the U.S. The most common cause of a roof crush is a rollover, which may occur when:

A driver loses control of his or her vehicle, typically in a collision or through another loss of handling
The vehicle rolls over on the road or down a slope (usually a sideways roll, but end-to-end rolling is possible)

A roof crust accident can create ejection portals, in which vehicle occupants are ejected through windows or doors. Drivers and passengers involved in a roof crush accident are subjected to extreme forces that may result in head, neck, and spinal injuries as well as death.

Only about 4% of all vehicle collisions are rollovers, but rollovers are so deadly that they account for a third of all fatalities in collisions. The crushing of occupants or their ejection from the vehicle is usually the cause.

Preventable Tragedies
This is especially tragic because roof crush fatalities and injuries could be prevented by making the roofs of vehicles stronger and by improving the designs of vehicles that roll over too easily.

Automakers are aware of the roof crush controversy; many public safety groups and even members of Congress have implored the auto industry to improve the roof strength and designs of various vehicles, particularly SUVs (sport utility vehicles). SUVs are often prone to rolling over, and if an SUV's roof is not adequate, it will easily crush under the weight of the vehicle as it rolls over.

Auto Industry's Reluctance to Act
Unfortunately, car, SUV and truck manufacturers have been very slow to respond to these calls for safer vehicles. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) has been regrettably weak regarding the requests for roof crush prevention standards; the agency has failed to establish guidelines for the auto industry, adopting only a consumer information program.

Consult a Plaintiffs' Law Firm about Roof Crush
If a roof crush or other vehicle collision has caused injuries or worse in your family, talk with an attorney today who has experience representing clients in crashworthiness cases.

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