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An auto accident occurs on our roadways every ten seconds in the United States. In 2001 alone, almost two million people suffered an auto accident injury from a vehicle crash. When auto accident injury occurs, negligence on behalf of an involved party is often the cause of the vehicle accident. Negligence is defined as failing to exact reasonable care in a situation in order to prevent harm or injury. When a victim suffers an auto accident injury, the negligent party who is found liable for the accident may be required to compensate for the damage that was caused by the accident.

When auto accident injury occurs it may also be the result of some design, manufacturing, or installation defect of a vehicle component. Tires, seatbelts, roof structure, brakes, and most parts of a vehicle can cause, or contribute to, auto accident injury if these components are defective in any way. Under these circumstances, the party that is responsible for this defect, such as the vehicle or product manufacturer, can be held responsible for any auto accident injury sustained as a consequence of malfunction or product failure. A party who is found to be responsible for a defective auto product may be required to compensate a victim of auto accident injury and related damages.

When an auto accident injury occurs it is important to take certain precautions and steps immediately following the accident. The first step is to evaluate the health and safety of the individuals involved in the accident, especially those who might have suffered an auto accident injury. It is important to call the police in order to have an auto accident injury report completed. This provides an official account of the auto accident and all pertinent details.

After an auto accident injury, it is important to gather information from those parties involved and any witnesses to the accident. If one party was responsible for the accident that caused an auto accident injury, it is vital to collect information regarding that party's vehicle, license plate and vehicle identification number, insurance information, and any other important details. Taking pictures at the scene of an auto accident can also help determine the cause of an auto accident injury.

The exact cause of an auto accident injury may not always be apparent immediately following an accident. For this reason it is vital to collect as much information as you can about the auto accident and the conditions surrounding the event. It is a good idea to contact your insurance company as soon as you can in order to inform them of your auto accident injury.

Following an auto accident injury, receiving rightful compensation for your injuries can be a complicated and long process. Securing the help of a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in auto accident injury, can greatly strengthen your case. A professional legal expert knows how to investigate your auto accident injury in order to build a strong case that will enable you to receive compensation for your auto accident injury.

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