catastrophic injury

When motor vehicle accidents result in catastrophic injury, the pain and disability that a victim suffers can be enormous. Dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophic injury from a car accident can be arduous on its own, but can be made much more complex when an auto defect was the cause of the vehicle accident. When an auto defect contributes to catastrophic injury in a car accident, victims may find themselves not only dealing with the struggles that come from serious injury, but also the complex legal process necessary to receive due compensation for catastrophic injury damages.

When catastrophic injury is the result of an auto defect, the victim has a legal right to seek compensation for their losses including all related medical expenses, loss of income or earning potential, and pain and suffering. Catastrophic injury can have an enormous impact on a victim's life. When treated early and properly, some individuals are able to recover from catastrophic injury while others may endure significant suffering, permanent disability, and a reduction in their lifespan. Victims of catastrophic injury from an auto defect car accident deserve to be adequately compensated for their enormous losses.

Catastrophic injury is a serious injury that can include any of the following: traumatic brain, spinal cord, back, neck, eye and internal injuries, serious injury or fracture to a weight-bearing bone(s), accidental amputation, and severe burns. The majority of all catastrophic injury cases involving spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury occur in car accidents. The sudden violent impact of a major car accident can crush the spine and spinal cord, and cause injury to the skull, scalp, and brain. These can be some of the most serious catastrophic injury cases because severe physical, cognitive and psychological damage can result. Spinal cord and brain catastrophic injury can lead to paralysis, or complete or partial loss of feeling and control to major portions of the body.

Severe burns can also be sustained in a catastrophic injury car accident. In many cases, severe burns are sustained in a fuel fed fire which is often the result of some auto defect within the fuel system. A fuel fed fire begins during or immediately following a vehicle collision as a car's fuel tank or some other part of the fuel system fails, causing flammable liquids to leak out and feed a vehicle fire.

Catastrophic injury from a vehicle accident can also be sustained as a result of other auto defects. The auto defects that cause or exacerbate catastrophic injury in an accident include: defective door latches, tires, air bags, seat backs, and seat belts, roof crush, faulty ignition, and SUV rollover propensity. Auto defects are the consequence of faulty design, production, or repair of an automobile or any of its parts. Many auto manufacturers are aware of the risks inherent to their products but choose to forgo consumer safety for financial gain. Auto defects that have caused catastrophic injury can result in warnings and product recalls, but this can do nothing to protect those who have already suffered a catastrophic injury.

If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury from an auto defect car accident, please contact us to speak with an experienced and competent attorney in your area.


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